What to expect

While not the only ones, the foregoing does mark the core areas that this online based Church hub aims to focus on the most

Personal Growth Catalyst

The Church aims to walk along side each member as an active catalyst to their personal growth in their walk or relationship with Christ. All to the glory of God.

Quality Christian Fellowship

Through the enabling of Christ Jesus, the likeChrist Fellowship aims for nothing less than the fellowship quality you would expect had you have been part of the early/first Church

Holistic Member Welfare

Together with personal spiritual growth, the Church commits to ascertain, to the greatest degree demanded of Christ, the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of each and every member.

Member count


For those who may wonder, the LCF Church currently has 3 but earnest adult members. Remote interactions are therefore currently text-based (until further notice). However, voice and video interactions remains available options whenever desired.


Our periodic written sermons and articles on subjects relating to the Christian faith.

Get in Touch?

Our address, phone & work hours

Our physical address

B227 Matanda Zone 2, Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa

Phone & work hours

Kervin Mathumbu +27 72546 8989 Mon – Sun, 6:00-22 :00 GMT+2

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